Best Wireless Routers (Apr. 2017) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Buyer's Guide to best wifi routers for large home, gaming, 4k streaming with long range
Top ten Best Wireless Routers

NETGEAR Nighthawk 10 is the best wireless router for gaming and high definition video streamlining. Developed for gamers and video fanatics, the router offers high-speed internet connection with strong network signals that can server multiple devices on the go. And, of course, this does more than just creating a hotspot for your home.

Linksys Velop Tri-Band 3-Pack is the best router for large homes. If you are looking for a best wireless router that you can use straight out of the box, then this should be your best pick for 2017. The router breaks away from its manufacturer’s one-router Wireless Fidelity system by adopting the tri band technology. And it has incredible results to show for it. The Linksys Velop Tri-Band 3 Pack is also appealing in its design as it is sleek and compact. It has several ports for connecting to other devices, and it works perfectly with Amazon Alexa. The wifi router also has an app that enables remote control and monitoring, as well as a three-year warranty mainly for assurance.

ASUS RT-AC5300 is the best wireless router for gaming and 4k streaming. Not only can the router support a host of multiple devices, but also it offers support for multiple users – 10 users on the go to be precise. The ASUS RT5300 wifi router features the AiProtection privacy technology, which helps to protect business’ private data. It is equipped with NitroQAM Technology that boosts connectivity speed for gaming and streaming videos. It also has tri brands: two 5GHz bands with maximum speed of 4,334Mbps and a 2.4GHz band with top speeds of 1,000Mbps. These features, coupled with a powerful CPU, makes playing even the most complex of games seamless. For gamers its best wireless routers as well.

We also felt that you might need an additional list of the best routers for comparison. So, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 wireless routers that will not only work best in small rooms, but also deliver the best network coverage, irrespective of your spot in your living room.

Orbi Home Wi-Fi System

Orbi is the first tri-band home Wi-Fi system in the world. It is designed to overcome all the shortcomings of ordinary wireless routers, and it is suitable for large homes, offices, and other spaces.

Orbi comes in a two-unit kit that is fast and easy to set up for everyone. The router and its complimentary satellite are very powerful as they can reach up to 4,000 square feet, easily putting most three-unit kits to shame. They come ready for use right out of the box, and it only takes several clicks to create a secure Wi-Fi network. What’s more, you can add extra satellites in case you need to cover a larger area.

Orbi home Wi-Fi router is also fast in addition to being reliable. It barely experiences downtimes, and its strength is stable throughout its range. As such, you will not experience any buffering or dead zones even at the furthest room in the house.

Orbi kits are affordable and flexible. The standard kit consists of one wireless router and a satellite, both of which cover 2,000 square feet each. If you are working with a smaller space, however, you can buy a single-unit kit consisting of only the wireless router. As mentioned, you can also get a three-unit kit consisting of a wireless router and two satellites to increase coverage. The routers and satellites feature a sleek design and fit in perfectly in any part of the house.

Considering that Orbi is one of the best wireless routers today, it is relatively affordable and seamlessly delivers value for cost.

Eero Home Wi-Fi System

Eero wifi router is described as a hyper-fast and intelligently flexible home Wi-Fi system by the likes of cnet. It is powered by TrueMeshTM, and it gets better with time as upgrades and new features are released.

In most cases, a single wireless router creates inconsistencies in a network’s speed and reach; in such cases, you will find everyone stuck in rooms nearest to the router. Eero works by creating a network mesh by extending a router’s reach using satellites. The satellites distribute network coverage from the wifi router, thus making the internet accessible throughout the house and even around the compound.

Eero is also flexible with its kits as consideration is given to the range of coverage. The standard kit consists of one wireless router and two satellites. You can also get a single router and however many satellites that you need.

It is incredibly easy to set up your Eero home Wi-Fi system. The wireless router is the central device as it powers all the satellites around the house. The satellites, on the other hand, even the networks distribution to boost access and speed. Setting up the software is also quick and easy, and you will hardly experience any maintenance issues.

TP-Link Archer C7

TP-Link Archer C7 is the ultimate wireless router for both homes and businesses. It is designed especially for people in need of extra-fast internet connections, and it does more than just creating a hotspot.

The greatest feature of the TP-Link Archer C7 wifi router is its dual band connection; it operates concurrently on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The 2.4GHz band serves simple tasks such as browsing and sending emails. The 5GHz band, however, serves heavier tasks such as streaming HD videos and gaming. The amazing thing about wifi router is that it works flawlessly and simultaneously. This wireless router also features several ports for different direct connections. This allows users to share data or multi-task with printers and other devices.

Speed does not get better than with the TP-Link Archer C7 wireless router. For starters, it features five full-gigabyte ports: one WAN port and four LAN ports. This, coupled with the 5GHz band, guarantees ultrafast connection speeds. Additionally, the wifi router has three advanced antennas that help increase its range. However, it has a limited coverage, as it does not connect with satellites like Orbi. However, it should work flawlessly in a range of 2,500 square feet both at home and at work.

This wireless router is ready to use right out of the box. Additionally, customer support agents are always ready to offer online support in case of any problems.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC 1900

Nighthawk AC 1900 is built for users who deal with heavy data transfers. It is ranked among the fastest home Wi-Fi systems, and most of its features are tailored for home use.

This wireless router is perfect for gamers and movie lovers. For starters, it features an advanced upstream QoS designed specifically for gaming consoles such as Xbox. This feature allows users to prioritize bandwidth to gaming, thus avoiding other activities from spoiling the action. The QoS also works perfectly for video streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix for uninterrupted watching.

Nighthawk AC 1900 also prioritizes its users’ security and privacy, unlike most other home wireless routers. Cloud storage and transfer is secured by NETGEAR’s ReadyCLOUD. It works simply by connecting your USB drive and waiting for a secure connection. Your photos and other data is also backed up automatically in case you forget to do so yourself. Users; anonymity is also protected through the company’s OpenVPN program which hides your IP address and makes it easier to access strict-access websites.

This wireless router shines brightest when it comes to speed and range. It boasts of speeds of up to 1,900Mbps, and it is even faster considering the QoS addition. It also carries next-generation gigabyte Wi-Fi for unhindered data transfers. What’s more, this wifi router works flawlessly in very large homes thanks to its three advanced antennas.

Help is always available should you ever run into any problems with the wireless router. The router comes with a NETGEAR genie app that monitors, controls, and repairs the network routinely. Support staff agents are also always available for consultations.

Linksys WRT1900ACS

The Linksys WRT1900ACS is as efficient as it is compact. It is designed for all-round use from office work to entertainment, and everything from setting it up to controlling the system is made incredibly easy.

To start with, setting up this wireless router is simple as configuration is automated and it takes minutes. Monitoring and controlling the network is also simple and can be done from your smart phone. It comes with a smart Wi-Fi app that gives you access to the network from anywhere. It also enables you to take control features such as guests’ access, device prioritization, and parental controls.

Connection speeds are also impressive for several reasons. First, this wireless router features four high-power antennas that boost coverage and maintain speed reliability. What’s more, it boasts of top speeds of up to N600 + AC1900, more than most other routers can offer. Second, the 512MB RAM makes it faster to transfer data to and from other devices as well as over the internet. Finally, it covers a wider area than many other routers thanks to its extra antenna; wireless routers mostly feature three antennas.

Ordinary tasks such as browsing and sharing documents are flawless with the Linksys WRT1900ACS. Heavy tasks such as gaming and streaming are also seamless thanks to its high-speed CPU. The router is fitted with a 1.6GHz dual-core ARM processor that easily supports games and movies. Coupled with the 512MB RAM, this CPU also eliminates any sort of glitches supporting multiple tasks. What’s more, you can work with different devices including phones and printers thanks to the ports fitted along the router’s sides.


ASUS RT-AC3200 is the ultimate wireless router for both home and office use, and one of the best wireless routers for multiple devices. It takes every aspect a notch higher for even greater speeds, coverage, and reliability.

The ASUS RT-AC3200 is a tri-band wireless router that maximizes your network and devices’ performance. The 5GHz band registers speeds of up to 2,600Mbps while the 2.4GHz band registers 600Mbps for a total combined speed of 3,200Mbps. This makes it ideal for heavy tasks such as gaming and streaming; it supports crystal-clear and flawless 4K UHD videos.

Speed is guaranteed with the ASUS RT-AC3200 in several respects. The wifi router features the AiRadar beam forming technology for boost network strength and fine-tuning connections. Additionally, the router features six high-power antennas; three more antennas than most other routers feature. These antennas help to boost both speed and coverage. Also, they aid in focusing a strong connection to a particular direction. What’s more, it functions flawlessly even when multi-tasking thanks to its advanced data pipeline system; it can support an incredible 300,000 data sessions.

Gamers and movie junkies will also appreciate the power under this wireles router’s hood. For starters, it has a powerful CPU that easily supports data-intensive tasks such as gaming. It also features an adopted QoS for optimizing and prioritizing bandwidth. This allows users to dedicate more bandwidth to specific tasks without derailing the others.

The ASUS RT-AC3200 is compatible with many devices and programs, and upgrades are always underway for even better user experience. It also supports security and privacy using programs such as its VPN app.

TP-Link AC3150

One of the dual band best wifi routers for home, the TP-Link AC3150 features some of the most advanced technology in the industry today. It guarantees speeds of over 3,000Mbps, and there is no downtime or dead zones with this wireless router.

The wireless router comes with the advanced Broadcom NitroQAM technology that maximizes speed by up to 25%. Its advanced antennas also increase both strength and coverage and help fine-tune connections for multiple users. Combined, these factors give the TP-Link AC3150 wireless router maximum speeds of up to 3,200Mbps.

The TP-Link AC3150 wifi router is designed for all-round use as it can support virtually any task. It features two bands: a 2.4GHz band with top speeds of 1,000Mbps, and a 5GHz band with top speeds of 2,167Mbps. These bands work simultaneously and fire up depending on the task at hand; heavy tasks including gaming and streaming HD videos utilize the 5GHz band while simpler tasks run on the 2.4GHz band. The bands are further complemented by a powerful CPU and sizeable RAM that support multi-tasking both online and with other devices such as phones and printers.

The TP-Link AC3150 wireles router also packs a sleek look and design that hints at its power. Setting it up is quick and simple; in fact, it is an automated process that requires only a few clicks. Complications are not common, but it may register slower speeds as you move further away from the scope of coverage.


It is all about connectivity with the ASUS RT-AC87U. For starters, it puts many other wireless routers to shame thanks to its fast speeds. Additionally, it features multiple USB ports that connect to diverse devices, and it is compatible with virtually all devices.

The ASUS RT-AC87U features advanced antennas that do more than just boost coverage. Each of the antennas is dedicated to each of the wifi  router’s four spatial data streams, making it easier to also fine-tune the data connections. What’s more, it features two bands for supporting both light and heavy data-intensive tasks. The 5GHz has a maximum speed of 2,600Mbps while the 2.4GHz registers a sufficient 600Mbps.

The real power, however, rests with the powerful CPU and processors. The ASUS RT-AC87U has double dual-core 1.2GHz processors that boost USB transfer speeds by over two times. They also make the wireless router ideal for business use especially when there are heavy tasks involved as it can multi-task twice as well as ordinary wifi routers with a single processor. It also impresses for entertainment tasks such as streaming videos and gaming online. This wireless router’s outer hardware is also as compact as its powerful chips under the hood as the body is strong and sleek.

The ASUS RT-AC87U is compatible with a wide range of devices thanks to the multiple ports located in its sides. Its CPU and powerful processors makes it easy to multi-task both online and directly with other devices.

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