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Little company proprietors are constantly looking for ways to give the best experience possible for their clients, and in the digital age providing clients with efficient WiFi is a little but effective action. With that being said, it’s time to update last year’s post on the best small business router. First, let’s brush up on the most innovative technological innovation to better understand what everything indicates.


When searching for the right wireless router, there are two kinds of WiFi technological innovation you should be considering – 802.11n and 802.11ac.
The basic difference between the two is their speed abilities. 802.11ac is 6 years newer than 802.11n, and can typically produce speeds up to 3 times faster than its forerunner.

AC also has the newest in indication technological innovation, called ‘Beamforming’. Beamforming is a smart indication that allows the wireless router to increase the indication strength in the direction of linked devices. This is different from heritage N routers, where the indication is produced equally in all directions.

For the sake of staying technically relevant for the at least the next year, we will concentrate primarily on AC routers. So, without further ado, here are our picks for the best small business router in 2017:

Business Router Features To Look Out For…Best Small Business Router


Secure VPN – IPSec PPTP OpenVPN – Best best small business router for a little business
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VPN, or Virtual Private System, allows clients to gain accessibility to company network from wherever they are located. This can be great for your company as it allows people for you to use home, or in fact from wherever they can get an online relationship.

While this is the purpose available on many customer routers, the VPNs on company routers usually have a concentrate on strong protection and allowing a large number of clients to gain accessibility to network at the same time.

What is a VPN concentrator?

Dual WAN

Dual WAN (Wide Area Network) is a very useful function for companies as it allows two online connections from two different ISPs. This is important because if your company relies on its online relationship, having a second one can act as a backup if the first one goes down.

What are the best double WAN routers?

This will make online relationship more efficient and indicates there is less opportunity that your company will spider to a standstill, due to the loss of an online relationship.


QoS stands for High high quality of Service. It is the purpose on many routers that allows them you prioritized various kinds of traffic over others.

For example, if you are sending a lot of information over your network, while also participating in a business contact, a wireless router with QoS will be able you prioritized the information from it clip contact. This should lead to less lag, and less opportunity that your meeting will be damaged by a bad connection!

While, sticking to the same example, the data file exchange may be a little more slowly due to its information being less highly prioritized, this is often not going to be as troublesome as a bad relationship on videos contact.

Of course, if you actually need to exchange files as quickly as possible, you can set the wireless router to prioritise the information from data file transfers instead for best small business router .

Advanced Material Filtration and Website Blocking

Small company routers often have innovative content filtering and preventing. This allows the network owner to block certain sites or keywords when using the task network. Basically, using this selection you can ensure your staff (or yourself) aren’t spending all their time on Facebook!

Advanced Security

Advanced Security – Best wireless router for a small business
While we obviously want all our routers to be safe, the information and importance of the information sent by companies mean that small enterprise routers will usually have much more powerful protection settings than customer routers.

This can include more powerful security on VPNs, improved fire walls using best small business router , UTM gateways and a DMZ slot.


A DMZ slot on your company wireless router allows a server to be directly linked online while also ensuring that if anyone gains accessibility the computer, they won’t be able to gain accessibility to rest of your network (the LAN).

Business Quality Hardware

Business routers are also more likely to be built to a better components grade or standard. This is likely to be advantageous to your company as the excellent high quality components indicates there is less possibility of wireless router failure.

Business routers are also often likely to be offered with good customer care from the manufacturer (at a separate cost) best small business router.

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