Molly Quinn Castle Midseason Promo Pics

Promotional photos from the Castle Midseason photoshoot are here and Molly Quinn looks elegant as ever. Castle which is into its sixth season stars Nathan Fillion as the titular character as a popular novelist who works together with Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) solving crimes. Molly Quinn plays Castle’s level headed daughter Alexis, she also most recently starred in the comedy film We’re the Millers.

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  • Molly-Quinn-Castle-Midseason-Promo-1.jpg
  • Molly-Quinn-Castle-Midseason-Promo-2.jpg

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Selena Gomez Leaving a Pizza Place

Selena Gomez headed to Cici's Pizza to grab some lunch in the afternoon. She was wearing high heeled boots with a long red sweater and showing plenty of legs in Jean shorts. Other accessories included long earnings, sunglasses and a leather bag. Selena was seen yesterday after a casting call and...

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Cate Blanchett Santa Barbara Awards

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Selena Gomez Heads to a Casting Call

Selena Gomez was spotted going to casting call for a new film. The starlet was wearing a white top with her 70s themed blue jeans.  Accessories included a leather bag, sunglasses and a large necklace.