Emilia Clarke Tops AskMen’s Women of 2014 List

Emilia Clarke is the most desirable women in the world according to AskMen readers ! The ‘mother of dragons’ received the most number of votes from AskMen voters and came in top in a list full of gorgeous and talented ladies. The Game of Thrones star’s rising popularity can be attributed to the success of her television show which premiers for its fourth season on April 2. She has also been cast in the iconic role of Sarah Conner in the 2015 Terminator film.

Emilia Clarke Askmen

At second was another television star Alison Brie who has been a hit with fans due to her stunning girl next door looks and comedic delievry in the television show Community.

Alison Brie Askmen

At third was rising star Emily Ratajkowski who shot to fame last year in the rsique video of Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines.

Emily Ratajkowski Askmen

Hollywood babe Jennifer Lawrence came fourth, the Oscar winning actress is equally popular due to her looks and her goofy down to earth personality.

Jennifer Lawrence Askmen

Surprising Omissions

Anne Hathaway had a quiet year possibly being forgotten by voters.

Anne Hathaway Askmen

Jessica Alba is definitely not the hot property she was a few years ago but she’s still relevant we say !

Jessica Alba Askmen

At number five was Harry Potter star Emma Watson who wowed everyone with her slender good looks in the film The Bling Ring. She has made a great transition from being a child star into successful actress with her choice of roles and how she carries herself in public.

Emma Watson Askmen

Kate Upton came in at sixth, the model who rose to fame through a Youtube video shows no signs of stopping in an industry usually filled with frail women she has been a breath of fresh air.

Kate Upton Askmen

Scandal star Kerry Washington was a surprising entry at number seven, guess the show has a lot of fans !

Kerry Washington Askmen

Oscar nominated for her role in American Hustle Amy Adams was number 8.

Amy Adams Askmen

Breakout star Margot Robbie for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street made the list at number 9.

margot robbie Askmen

40 year old model Kate Moss surprisingly made the top 10.

Kate Moss Askmen

Too Low for Our liking

Emma Stone (Number 28) Cmon guys she’s too hot and funny to be 28, should be top 10 !!

Emma Stone Askmen

Katy Perry (Number 90) Really this one’s just absurd, she’s gorgeous and makes decent music.

Katy Perry AskMen

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