Ariel Winter Sweet Sixteen Party

Ariel Winter celebrated her birthday with a bleated ‘Sweet Sixteen Party’. Ariel Winter who turned sixteen on January 28 celebrated the important moment in her life privately with her friends and family.

In pictures posted on social media the Modern Family actress was dressed in a shocking red cocktail tress while her posse of friends were wearing black (to make her stand out!). Winter’s dress matched her cake which was pretty red two with candles and the words ’16’ written on top. Her current boyfriend Laurent Claude was also present at the ceremony.

Her celebrations may have been short lived though as her estranged mother Chrystal Workman has said she wants the entire cast of Modern Family on the witness stand during the custody trial of Ariel. Ariel was placed under the custody of her sister Shanelle in 2012 after Ariel alleged her mother of emotional and physical abuse.

Chrystal named as many as 83 witnesses for the trial including most of the cast of Modern Family and even ABC president Paul Lee. Seems very overzealous of her and indicates she has no idea what she is doing, Chrystal does not have a lawyer and is representing herself which probably explains this unwise move.

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