Ariel Winter Bikini Photos from Australia

Alex Dunphy is the not little nerdy girl any more ! Young actress Ariel Winter showed off her bikini body while filming for an episode in Sydney Australia.

The producers kept things a bit conservative dressing up Ariel in bikini bottoms with a pink shirt on top. Present in the scenes was her on screen sister Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) as the two enjoyed the sun, took a bunch of photographs.

A number of people had gathered to watch the stars at work but were kept away by the heavy security. The cast has had a mixed tour of Australia so far with a great couple of days of sightseeing soured by the groping incident of Sarah Hyland.

Ariel was in the news recently when her estranged mother Chrystal Workman asked all of Modern Family cast members to appear on the witness stand for a custody trial.

Chrystal without the services of any lawyer named as many as 83 witnesses who she wanted to question on the stand. Its unlikely that the trial will ever happen, even if it did previous reports have suggested that the cast hated Chrystal. A TMZ source from the cast said that they used to hate Chrystal who would ‘watch Ariel like a hawk on set and berate her for her physical appearance and would not let her eat anything’.

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